Monday, October 6, 2014

Oopsies & Uh-ohs

Hello to all!!! We are so excited to announce our new business venture Mighty Myrtle. Anyone who knows us, knows our love of vintage.  Mighty Myrtle is a place where we can let our vintage freak flag fly. You will find fun vintage, one of a kind items, and some funky redos in our shop. Please bare with us as we venture in the world of Etsy and online sales.  We appreciate your patience and patronage. Along the way we will share our trials and tribulations.  At the bottom of each blog we will leave a clue to what is to come for the next post. First on our list of business, the horrible world of shipping.

Trying Etsy for the first time as a vintage shop has been quite an eye opener. I am not an online shopper, so figuring my shipping was the first adventure in this process. My husband is a mailman, so, I thought it'd be a snap. My first four listings in my shop I either guesstamated the shipping or included it in the price.

My first item sold Friday night, I was thrilled. I had figured $3.50 into my asking price for shipping.
Sold Friday for $15

I thought the shipping might even be cheaper due to the fact that the delivery destination was only 15 miles from my house.  I shipped it out this morning and much to my surprise, $5.95.   Now, I understand why something on Etsy is listed as $5.00 with $6.10 in shipping.  Lesson learned.  Sorry to all you gals I figured were overestimating shipping to line your pockets.

I will now be charging shipping on items, unless under 13 oz. Why my husband didn't mention the 13 oz rule to me before now is beyond me.

Here are the items currently available in our Etsy shop:

Today's Addition
1960's Red Paper Masterpiece Hinged Box
$6.00 Shipping

Bernard Studios California Pottery Rabbit
$12.00 Free Shipping

Town & Country Patent Leather Heels 7 1/2
$15.00 Free Shipping

Danish Modern Lamp Pair
$28.00 Free Shipping

Mid-Century Fiberglass Light Cover
$12.00 Shipping

A reminder, if you are local and willing to meet us, we will take shipping fees off and reduce the price of the items with free shipping.  Come by often and check out our blog and visit our shop.

~ Mighty Myrtle

Next Time on Our Blog........I had no idea these even existed! OMG there are a million of them on Etsy!!!

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