Thursday, October 9, 2014

Am I Kitsch Enough?

We joined Team Kitsch a few days ago on Etsy. Although my house is fairly kitschy, my shop is not. Anyone who truly enjoys kitschy items, tends to hoard them for fear of never finding them again. It said in the group that they would decide if we were kitsch enough. The thing is, inanimate objects themselves aren't necessarily kitschy, it is all in how you use them.

I did post one super kitschy unicorn, but it sold so fast no one from that group would even be aware of it. Who judges what is kitschy anyway? Everyone likes to feel unique, everyone wants to think they themselves and their things are special and one of a kind.  Did you ever stop and think how many people have the same possessions as you? Here's my thought, I, myself, am kitschy, unfortunately weird, and slightly awkward.  Therefore, I must belong with the people selling things that are of that same nature. If I find kitsch that I have no intention of using, it will be on here in a flash and probably gone just as fast.

Just for your viewing pleasure I will post a little of my kitsch that surrounds my family pictures in my hall.....

 I also have a "Smile" sign in this lovely yellow from the same company. That sign hangs in my kitchen while this guy hangs with the family pictures. My mom finds that slightly ironic.

 These are two of the baby pink elephants out of the three. They are scattered throughout the collage. Mama elephant is at the very top. These little guys hang right about our thermostat and right below a Indian Fighting Kite I chopped down to an 8x10. Still can't figure out why an Indian Fighting Kite had a pink Samurai on it.

My Miller Studio Cat waves good-bye to us as we head to bed.

Even when there was a group for off-kilter items, I still questioned my belonging. Here's to everyone who feels a little out of place. Here's to those who have decide to say the hell with it and just letting your freak flag fly.

I am feeling under the weather, but will attempt to post a new item today.  

Wishing you all wicked weirdness!

~Mighty Myrtle

Next time on our blog......More than likely there will be some handmade for Christmas! 

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